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Friday, February 24

Please note on earlier versions, Metropolitan WEST was written as a room.  We will hold those sessions in Metropolitan EAST on the 2nd floor, next door, instead.
Schedule subject to change without notice.

Session 1 - 10am

A Conversation with Mike McVay
Metropolitan East

Panel:  Mike McVay, President, McVay Media

McVay was most recently the Executive Vice President of Content and Programming for Cumulus Media and Westwood One. In his role he oversaw the programming for CUMULUS’ 425 owned radio stations and Westwood One, the company’s national syndication arm.  McVay is a 40-year programmer with national and local consulting, management, ownership, sales, major market programming, and major market on-air experience. Mike has owned and operated radio stations in multiple markets. He understands the business of our business. He has also developed and launched several nationally-syndicated programs.  Additionally, Mike serves as an international radio consultant programming and consulting media companies around the world.  In this session, Mr. McVay will offer tips to rethink how you program your individual radio shows, and how to drive success both in growing your audience, as well as with potential underwriters/advertisers.

The Effects of Copyright Law/IP Law and Litigation on Music

Lenox Ballroom
Panel: E. Michael Harrington 

Harrington is a composer, musician, consultant, professor, is a course author and professor at Berklee Online.  Harrington served as expert at the U.S. Copyright Office and World Intellectual Property Organization’s symposium “Copyright in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” at the Library of Congress on February 5, 2020.  He created the Coursera / Berklee College of Music Copyright Law In The Music Business class/MOOC which has been taken by students from 171 countries from Afghanistan to Malaysia to Zimbabwe, the Berklee Online Music Business Capstone course, and  the Berklee Online Graduate Music Business Law class.  He  has taught courses in music business law, music entrepreneurship, licensing, music business capstone and the future of the music industry at Berklee Online (2012-present).  In this session, Mr. Harrington will discuss why it is important to know Copyright Law if you plan to program a radio station to avoid any legal issues, and what you can – and can’t do – with copyrighted materials on the air.

Program and Brand Managers: A View From The Top

New York Ballroom WEST
Panel: Lou Simon, Sr. Director of Programming, SiriusXM; Skip Dillard, Program Director, 94.7 The Block NYC; Jud Heussler, Director of Branding and Programming, WAPE & WEZI Jacksonville FL

In this lively discussion, three of the nation’s top radio programmers will discuss their career paths, and what is involved in becoming a successful PD/Brand Manager in 2023.  How much of the sound of the station falls on their shoulders – and what tips can you take back to your school stations and apply right away to improve your stations’ sound?

Sports Betting and Talk Radio: What are the odds this format is successful?

Panel: Matt Deutsch, Founder, Bettor Sports Network

A new sub-format of sports talk radio has opened up new possibilities – sports betting.  With more and more states legalizing online mobile sports betting, what are the differences between the average sports talk show and this new sub-genre?  What is legal to talk about in your state – and what are you comfortable discussing on a school-owned radio station?  The details of this growing format will be discussed by one of the leaders promoting the brand.

Stretching the Truth: How Political Candidates Have the Go-Ahead to Lie in Campaign Ads

New York Ballroom EAST
Panel: Jeff Spurlock, Boise State University

Without getting TOO political, it’s time to get political.  The midterm elections recently passed – and the 2024 elections are coming up fast.  Does your station lean one way or the other?  Should you?  And what is legal to say in campaign advertising – both on commercial AND non-commercial radio stations.  Is equal time still a thing?  Political radio 101 will be our topic, regardless of who you voted for.

Traffic Reporting Tips & Tricks

Panel: Mike Weinstein, Audacy NYC; Tom Zweier, Photojournalist, Chopper 4 WNBC TV, NY

There is an art form to reporting the traffic on the air.  You can’t use the same terms over and over – you’ll bore your audience, causing more accidents when they fall asleep at the wheel!  So how can you add local traffic reports that MATTER – especially in the age of GPS and other devices that give your listeners the traffic reports already?  How do you keep those reports entertaining and informative?


Session 2 - 11am

An Audience with Angela Perelli

Metropolitan EAST
Panel: Angela Perelli, Angeli Perelli Coaching

Angela Perelli’s radio career spans 30 years, starting out as a morning show intern, eventually becoming PD of AC K101/San Francisco and the VP/Operations & Programming for Adult Top 40, KYSR-FM (Star 98.7)/Los Angeles.  At Star 98.7, she managed some of the biggest personalities in the country — Ryan Seacrest, Danny Bonaduce, and more.  In 2013, Angela launched Angela Perelli Coaching in order to build her own company specializing in evaluation, development and coaching of air talent, for new shows and heritage ones, in small markets and major ones too. No show is too big or too small to hone their skills and reach their potential.  Today she will share some tips on how to be a stronger on-air personality – and discuss some bit ideas you can take back to your shows TODAY.


Marconi Spotlight: WRHU at Hofstra University

Lenox Ballroom
Panel: John Mullen, WRHU General Manager, and WRHU Student Managers

WRHU has won four Marconi awards in the last 8 years - so what is it about them that they are doing so well?  Get tips and tickets to help you improve your own operation.  Plus, find out how they became the only College radio station to broadcast the games for a professional sports team, The New York Islanders (NHL).

News Reporting 101

New York Ballroom EAST
Panel: Mike Weinstein, CBS Radio Network; Peter Haskill, formerly with WCBS 880 NYC; Mack Rosenberg, anchor/reporter, WCBS Newsradio 880

If you are part of the news programming on your radio station, this is the session for you.  How do you report on a story in under 60 seconds – sometimes less – and get the major points across?  How important are soundbytes to your report?  What else do you need to know to be an effective reporter?

Automation Explained

New York Ballroom WEST
Panel: Nathan Mumford, RCS/Zetta/GSelector

Looking into purchasing a new automation system?  Check out one of our sponsors explaining their system and programs that work with it – and why it is important to have a system even if you still have someone in the studio 24/7.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Promotions and Marketing But Were Afraid To Ask

Panel: Danielle Dellilo, Promotions Director iHeartMedia NYC; Joe DeAngelis, SVP Promotions, iHeartMedia; Nicole Serzanin, iHeartMedia National Events

Are you looking for ideas on how to promote and market your radio station – with little-to-no budget?  Hear from people doing this every day in the industry, how their careers lead them to their current positions, how you can get started in the industry in this growing department – and ask questions about what types of “swag” are most requested, and the types of events you should try to put on in your local market.

Career to College: Tips and Tricks to Break Into The Industry, A Story-Sharing Session

Panel: Jud Heussler, Director Branding and Programming, WAPE and WEZI, Jacksonsville FL
Jud talks about the best ways to get your foot in the door, including personal experiences and experiences of others. What does he look for when hiring (airchecks, social examples, involvement) and how to stand out in the pile. He will drive home the importance of internships, working in the college station and congratulate you on already being on the right path by coming to IBS!  Other professionals may share stories as well – and if you’ve already had a successful internship or job in the industry, we welcome your participation.



Session 3 - 12pm - Keynote Speaker

A Conversation with Sam Weaver, Talent Coach and Consultant

Metropolitan EAST Urban/R&B Editor Sam Weaver is a radio talent coach and consultant, working with beginning and veteran personalities. His 35-year programming and on air career has covered CHR, Urban, Country, Sports, Talk, and Rock. Sam has worked in St. Louis, Detroit, New Orleans, Chicago, Memphis, San Francisco, Greensboro, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, and Dallas. Lists of other accomplishments include teaching in Chicago at Columbia College and hosting Westwood One's Superstars of R&B concert series. He has moderated or been a panelist at conventions for Billboard, NAB, NABOB, The Concave, and the Canadian Music Festival – and now, IBS!  Listen for stories of how to make both your on-air – and off-air roles – stronger.


Session 4 - 1:15pm

The Sales Process: How To Close The Deal

Metropolitan EAST
Panel: Sal Abatemarco, National Sales Manager, Cox Media Group Long Island; Ron Fried, National Sales Manager, Connoisseur Media Long Island 

How do you look for possible clients to buy underwriting or advertising?  How do you present them the facts about your station in a neat, organized way that will make them want to advertise with your station?  What’s the right amount of money to charge?  How do you close the deal?  How do you get them to buy another round of ads?  Get these answers – and ask your own questions about the sales process – from two of the leading sales managers who actually compete against each other every day for clients in Market #20 – Long Island, NY.

The Promotions and Marketing Departments

Lenox Ballroom
Panel: Emily Pearce, Regional Promotions Director, Audacy NYC; Alissa Marti, Director of Marketing, Connoisseur Media Long Island

Get more ideas on how to promote and market your radio station – with little-to-no budget!  Hear from people doing this every day in the industry, how their careers lead them to their current positions, how you can get started in the industry in this growing department – and ask questions about what types of “swag” are most requested, and the types of events you should try to put on in your local market.  One of two sessions being offered on the topic with different panel members for different thoughts and opinions.

Sports Reporting 101

New York Ballroom EAST
Panel: Marc Ernay, 92.3/1010 WINS Sports Director; Stephen Nichols, Sports Newsroom Director, SiriusXM

How do you report sports to an audience that doesn’t follow sports – but still make them care about it?  And what’s different if you are reporting about sports on a sports-centered format, meaning the audience lives, eats and breathes it, and probably already knows what you are about to say?  There are many different ways to report about the games you love – but there is a wrong way and a right way.  Find out about the career paths of the pro’s – and grab these tips you can use the next time you are on the air.

Audio Rituals: 11 Key Moments When Your Audio Can Be Relevant

New York Ballroom WEST
Panel: Idil Cakim, SVP, Research & Insights, Audacy; Reggie Shah, Director of Research and Insights, Audacy

The latest research by Audacy reveals a seismic shift in the media landscape. Audio is no longer just a companion medium. It's at the heart of our daily lives. 40 percent of U.S. adults say they organize their day around audio content. Audio is our ritual. The study reveals 11 key moments when brands can authentically join audiences, be hyper-targeted and relevant.


News Anchoring

Panel: Lee Harris, Morning News Anchor, 92.3/1010 WINS NYC; Anita Bonita – WCBS 880 NYC

The news process isn’t easy, but if you put the effort in, you can make it sound effortless.  Get tips & tricks from two professionals who report the news daily on two of New York’s biggest radio stations.  From writing for the ear, to sound bites, to making the script pop off your page and inform – and entertain – the audience – and keep them tuned in for your entire newscast – find out what you need to do to succeed now at the educational level – and if you want to become a professional news anchor in the future.

Playlist Management, Charting, and Why It All Matters

Panel: Eva Papp, Director of Business Development and David DeKeyser, Music Business Representative, both with Spinitron

Why is it important to keep playlists of all of the music you play?  Do you schedule the music in advance, or let the on-air staff pick their own music?  How do you make a playlist flow so that the audience loving this song, will also love the next song, and the next song, and so on?  Find out why this is important – and how Spinitron’s services can simplify the process.



Session 5 - 2:15pm

An Audience with Sean Ross “Ross on Radio”

Metropolitan EAST
Panel: Sean Ross

Sean Ross is a radio business researcher, programming consultant, conference speaker, and a veteran of radio trade journalism at Billboard, Radio & Records, M Street Journal, and others. For more than a decade, his weekly writings have been collected in the Ross On Radio newsletter.   What has Sean learned from giving so many different radio stations – in big and small markets – a “first listen” – and what feedback can he give to college radio to help us all improve our programming – and work towards our career goals?

Predicting the Weather: TV and Radio Forecasting

Lenox Ballroom
Panel: Todd Glickman, meteorologist WCBS 880 NYC; Scott Sincoff, News 12; Richard VonOhlen, News 12

It’s not as simple as it looks to forecast the weather – but more importantly, communicate that forecast in a way that the average person listening (or watching) can understand.  It’s not just giving the high or low temperatures – what is the sky doing, and more importantly, what is it GOING to do?  What facts does the audience want to know if you only have 15 seconds to do the forecast, and how detailed SHOULD you go if you are given more time?  Find out the career paths of the professionals and get advice on how to communicate this important information in a stronger way – it’s just as important now as it ever was, regardless of the iphone in your listener’s pocket.

Don’t Sell That License – How To Convince Administration You Are Important!

New York Ballroom WEST
Panel: Joseph Manfredi, GM, SUNY Old Westbury Web Radio; Anabella Poland, General Manager, WMSC Montclair State University

Having an FCC license is more important than ever – but some colleges/universities think they can sell them to make a few bucks.  What’s the problem?  We can just buy another one in the future, right?  Wrong.  Find out how to work with your administration to make sure that if you have a license, you will ALWAYS have that license.  This session is inspired by the Radio World article "Don't Sell That License." Joseph recently wrote "College Radio Is Not A Right, It's A Privilege," also published in Radio World.

Sports Talk and Sports Play By Play by the Pro’s

NEW LOCATION: New York Ballroom East (No longer happening in Bowery)
Panel: Eric Spitz, VP of Sports Programming at SiriusXM; Rickie Ricardo, NY Yankees baseball in Spanish on WADO 1280 in New York, and Philadelphia Eagles football on Mega 105.7 in Philly, Host WFAN NY and WIP PA.

So you want to do live sports, or talk about the games you’ve seen?  This is the session for you.  What do you need to do to prepare to call a live game?  What is important to talk about on a radio broadcast vs. a television broadcast?  What do you need to do to prepare to do a sports talk show?  What should you do if you want to do this professionally?  This session has the answers – and plenty of time for your questions.



JUST ADDED: Why your Writing Stinks and How to Write Broadcast Copy

Panel: Eric Matte, Chair, Department of Professional Studies; Professor; Faculty Advisor for WLMC Landmark College Radio
Does your station need better writers?  In this interactive session plan on actively learning and writing broadcast copy. Come ready to engage, write, and present your original work.  


New Developments in AI, Tech and Music

Panel: E. Michael Harrington

Harrington is a composer, musician, consultant, professor, is a course author and professor at Berklee Online.  Harrington served as expert at the U.S. Copyright Office and World Intellectual Property Organization’s symposium “Copyright in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” at the Library of Congress on February 5, 2020.  He created the Coursera / Berklee College of Music Copyright Law In The Music Business class/MOOC which has been taken by students from 171 countries from Afghanistan to Malaysia to Zimbabwe, the Berklee Online Music Business Capstone course, and  the Berklee Online Graduate Music Business Law class.  He  has taught courses in music business law, music entrepreneurship, licensing, music business capstone and the future of the music industry at Berklee Online (2012-present).  In this session, Mr. Harrington will discuss the latest in technology and what you need to do to make sure your school stations are ready for the future.


Session 6 - 3:15pm


Voiceovers 101

Metropolitan EAST
Panel: Jen Sweeney, Voice Actor/ Imaging Voice; Nate Zeitz, CESD Talent Agency; Rena-Marie Villano, Voice Over Artist; Jamie Watson, Voice Actor

Radio uses voiceover artists every day in radio imaging (liners, promos, sweepers and more.). But voice over artists are used in TV, film and online.  If you think you have the ‘voice chops’ to succeed in this industry, or just want to learn how to make your station imaging POP, listen to the pros who do this type of work every day.

Chief Engineering Department

Lenox Ballroom
Panel: Andy Gladding, Salem Media & Hofstra University Chief Engineer; Bud Williamson, Digital Radio Engineering; Joseph Tarantowki, Chief Operator & Faculty Advisor, WBWC, Baldwin Wallace University

The technical side of radio is the most important side: these are the people that are keeping your transmitter and computers running so you can be broadcasters!  If you have the skills and patience to fix problems, this is the session for you.  Learn from two professionals as to what training they had to break into the industry, bring your technical questions to ask, and get ready to break stuff.  Maybe.

Marconi Spotlight: WHPC, The Voice of Nassau Community College

New York Ballroom East
Panel: Shawn Novatt, WHPC Director, and student staff members

How does a Marconi-nominated radio station “tick?”  What makes it special?  Today, get advice from the students & staff at Nassau Community College’s award winning radio station.  What is their training program like?  How do they program the radio station?  What special shows do they feature?  How involved can students become?  What can you learn from WHPC that you can steal, err, borrow, and make YOUR radio stations better?   Bring your questions – they have answers.


How Ratings Work

New York Ballroom West
Panel: Dave Sullivan, Client Services Manager, Radio Research Consortium

Ever wonder how Nielsen and other companies know how many people are listening?  They don’t.  It’s all an estimate.  But how do they get to the numbers they get to – and what tricks can you do on the air to “beat the system” and raise your own ratings?

Social Media For Your Brand: Do’s and Don’ts

Panel: Erica Moura & Paula Neidlinger, IBS Board; Mallory Schnell, Arizona Coyotes Social Media Department & Blaze Radio Sports Director

If you don’t already have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and whatever the other latest social media trends are, you are behind the 8-ball.  But what SHOULD you be posting, what should you AVOID posting, how often should you post, and more will be discussed in this roundtable panel.  If you are responsible for the social media at your station, this is the session to be at.

SoundExchange FAQs and Q&As

Panel: Katie Beiter, Senior Manager, Licensing and Enforcement, SoundExchange
If you are streaming music online, you need to be paying SoundExchange for the right to play the copywritten material online.  Paying BMI, ASCAP, SESAC or others covers your over-the-air signal but not your stream.  If you haven’t paid up – don’t panic.  Katie will explain the how and the why – and the other rules about streaming and copyright that you may not be aware of to avoid a costly “cease and desist” or other legal action in the future.



Session 7 - 4:15pm

Production (Editing) Tips and Tricks

Metropolitan EAST
Panel: Dan Kelly, Imaging Director, Audacy; Dave Plotkin, Creative Services Director, Audacy/WINS

Do you want to make your creative productions POP?  How many sound effects are too many sound effects?  Do you prefer Pro Tools or Adobe Audition?  What do you need to know before you get a production internship – and how do you get a career out of it?  If you make the imaging for your radio station – whether all-talk or all-music, learn from these professionals how to do it better.

Working with the FCC

Lenox Ballroom
Panel: Allen Myers, former FCC employee, current IBS Board Member; Ed Perry, Owner WATD 95.9, Marshfield, MA

The FCC has a reputation – but is it really that horrible to work WITH them instead of AGAINST them?  Our panel will discuss when you need to contact the FCC, license renewal issues, obscenity and indecency concerns, and answer any other FCC-related questions you may have.

So you want to make a successful podcast?
New York Ballroom East
Panel: Seth Everett, Broadcaster, iHeartMedia. Host/owner of "Sports with Friends," "Hall of Justice," & "Techstream”; Anthony Famiglietti, Former Radio Host, Podcaster "Anthony On Air"; Lizzie Baumgartner, Managing Editor of Podcasts, WBBM/Audacy

Podcasting is all the rage – so find out how to make it a success from people who have found some success doing a few of them regularly!


The NEW Sports Audience – What Research Shows about Sports Broadcasting

New York Ballroom West
Panel: Idil Cakim, SVP, Research & Insights and Reggie Shah, Director of Research and Insights, Audacy

We know sports fans flock to their favorite radio stations to get the latest on big league sports. But what about niche sports, such as tennis, golf, women's soccer? New Audacy research reveals there is a substantial group of fans behind these types of sports and they hold considerable purchase power, making them quite attractive to advertisers. The presentation will delve into these audiences' habits and what type of content they want to hear besides scores.

World College Radio Day: Uniting The World, Including Ukraine!

Panel: Dr. Rob Quicke, Founder, College Radio Day & Vinylthon; Ray Burke, Station Manager, Wired FM, Ireland; Dr. Tim Craig, General Manager, Radio Warner, Warner University, Florida

Come hear about the annual event that brings together over 700 college radio stations in over 50 countries around the world and was invited to visit the White House in October 2022. This followed a connection with a student radio station in Ukraine that sent updates to the world, despite being in a state of war.  This panel will share ideas, stories and information about how your college radio station can get involved with this event (registration is always free for WCRD). 


How to Make It and Break It - Then Make It Again - In Hollywood

Panel: Hollywood Veteran Rick Dunkle, University of Indianapolis 

Hear the story of how Rick went from flipping burgers at Dairy Queen in an Indiana town of 16,000 residents to writing and producing for one of the most successful franchises in television history (“Criminal Minds”) in America’s second largest city. He’ll tell you what to do to get there, what not to do to stay there, and how to pull yourself back up if you stumble along the way.


Session 8 - 5:15pm

Women In Media!

Metropolitan EAST
Panel: Wendy Wild, KTU New York; Shelley Rome, Z100 New York; Alexa Neofytides, WBAB/WBLI Long Island, NY; Mary Sue Twohy, PD at Sirius XM The Bridge; Jamie Mazzo, 94.3 The Shark Long Island; Michelle Jerson, Syndicated Talk Radio/Podcast Host: "Passport Mommy"on RadioAmerica & others; Symantha Wilson, "Charlamagne tha God" Podcast Producer & Power 105 NYC Programming Department

We are women – hear us on the air!  If you are a woman – or support those that are – what do they need to do to succeed in the radio industry on the air?  Hear from some women who have found that success and ran with it.


High School Radio Awards

New York Ballroom West

Join us as we present the 2022-23 IBS Media Awards to our high school member stations!

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