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Saturday, February 25

Please note on earlier versions, Metropolitan WEST was written as a room.  We will hold those sessions in Metropolitan EAST on the 2nd floor, next door, instead.  Schedule subject to change without notice.
Session 1 - 10am

Sports Radio 101

Metropolitan EAST
Panel: Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio; Rick Ackerman, CBS Sports Radio; Jake Asman, The Wheelhouse on ESPN Radio Houston

Sports talk is very popular – but what makes your show so popular?  How do you make everyone happy when there are two different teams – or sports – or more – to talk about?  Is it ever OK to bad-mouth your local team or sports stars?  What gets the phones ringing?  Our professional panel will help you improve your shows and score a touchdown with your listeners.

IBS Member Spotlight: WPSC William Patterson University

Lenox Ballroom
Panel: Rob Quicke, Professor of Communications; Rob Taylor, General Manager; Vont Leak, Program Director, WPSC, and staff

Feedback from pre-pandemic sessions told us that you wanted to hear from your peers – and what makes their radio stations so successful.  WPSC staff will share their way of thinking – keeping to one main format similar to commercial radio stations.  (WPSC is also a past Marconi award winner!)

Broadcast Storytelling – A New Way To Think About Newscasts

New York Ballroom East
Panel: Larry Mullins, 92.3/1010 WINS NYC

Are you a news anchor?  Maybe.  But in reality, you are a story teller.  And you need to be a GOOD story teller to keep the audience engaged.  They come to you for information, but how you present that information is what keeps the audience engaged.  Larry Mullins, one of the 2 afternoon hosts on WINS, will explain how he puts his unique spin on the news of the day, each and every day – making you rethink how you present the news – or any other information you are speaking about on air.

Syndicating Your Show

New York Ballroom West
Panel: Chris Thomas, IBS President, Host of World Pop Radio; Brandon Herman, The Herman Show; Scot Bertram, Hillsdale College; Dan Sweeney, One Hit Wonders

What is the best type of show to consider presenting to OTHER radio stations to get them to air your show?  What do you need to do differently in the presentation and production of the show so other stations can air your content?  How do you even START this process, to see if your show would fit other stations?  Get answers from people who are already doing this every week.

Building An Audience To Attract Advertisers/Underwriters

Panel: Ed Perry, Owner WATD 95.9, Marshfield, MA

At the college radio level, you probably aren’t thinking about attracting advertisers.  But you SHOULD be.  Prepare for the future, when every decision made on the air is determined by the target demographic you are trying to attract, and more importantly, the demographic advertisers are also trying to attract.  Listen for tips on how to re-think how you present your shows with the goal of getting businesses to sponsor what you are doing – and help them be successful with their advertising.

Comedy in Broadcasting

Panel: Joe Toplyn

Four-time Emmy winner Joe Toplyn wrote comedy for late-night TV shows for over ten years. In this session he'll talk about short-form comedy and how to do it successfully on the radio.  Bring your best topical jokes and get ready to laugh and learn.


Session 2 - 11am

How To Get, Keep and Grow Your Audience

Metropolitan EAST
Panel: Valerie Geller

Valerie Geller is an internationally acclaimed broadcast consultant working with stations that emphasize news, talk, information and personality radio.  She is the author of “Creating Powerful Radio” and “Beyond Powerful Radio.”  Today, she offers you tips and suggestions for how to attract new people to the radio party, and more importantly, how to keep them engaged!

Everything You Wanted To Know About Engineering But Were Afraid To Ask

Lenox Ballroom
Panel: Mike Dorris & Brian Sapp, Inrush Broadcast Services; Joseph Tarantowki, Chief Operator & Faculty Advisor, WBWC, Baldwin Wallace University

Like to fix broken stuff?  So do these guys – and they can give you some ideas on how to be more efficient in the process involved.

Working With Alumni – How To (Re)Connect!

New York Ballroom East
Panel: Glen Dillon, Western Michigan University

If your station or school has been around a while, you will want to re-connect with those that have gone through your studio doors – because hopefully some of them are now working in the industry and can be contacts to help your current students thrive. 

Multi-tasking At Your Radio Station: How Many Hats You Need To Wear!

New York Ballroom West
Panel: Joe Rock, WBAB Long Island (and other Cox Media Group stations); Amy Lawrence, CBS Sports Radio

If you want to be successful in this industry, you need to be able to do more than one job at the station.  You are never just an on-air personality anymore.  You need to know production.  Promotions.  Programming.  Sales or Engineering (sometimes) helps too.  How do you balance it all, what is fair payment for doing more than one job, and what else do you need to know to succeed?

The Things You Can’t Say On The Radio – and WHY!

Panel: Ed Perry, Owner WATD 95.9, Marshfield, MA; Allen Myers, IBS Board Member, former FCC Employee

We are all aware of George Carlin’s “Seven Dirty Words” – but what else can we NOT say on the air, and what happens if you DO slip?  Should you invest in a time-delay DUMP button?  If you have questions, our panel has answers.

Interviewing Techniques Seminar
Panel: Brandon Herman, The Herman Show
Don't ask the same boring questions over and over again!  Learn from a professional interviewer how to make your next interview an award-winning one - and more importantly, fun and interesting to listen to!

Resume & Air Check Help


Panel: Rob Taylor, William Patterson University, formerly with iHeartMedia

Get a second opinion on the look and feel of your resume – and the sound of your demo.  Bring both and get some feedback!



Session 3 - 1:15pm 

So You Want To Be On The Air?

Metropolitan EAST

PANEL: Shelley Wade, 94.7 The Block & Formerly Z100; Sky Walker, K104 Poughkeepsie NY; Randy Turner, WBPM Fishkill NY; Robby Bridges & Rochelle Bridges, WWZY/WBHX NJ; Jamie Mazzo, Connoisseur Media

If you are currently on the air at your station, or want to be an on-air personality someday, this is the panel for you.  Listen to the stories these CONTENT CREATORS have to share about what makes them – and their shows – so successful.


Improving Your Training Program: A Modern Approach to Radio Education

Lenox Ballroom
PANEL: Austin Smith & Sierra Moore - KCWU-FM 88.1 The 'Burg

There are many ways to get a trainee ready for live radio. Some stations have 10-week programs and an extensive handbook, while some stations just throw their trainees on air and say “Good Luck!” The on-air coaches at KCWU have found simple and successful ways to meet in the middle, creating a training program that is efficient and effective. Join their session to hear tips and strategies to improve the success of your training program.

Marconi Spotlight: WMSC Montclair State University

New York Ballroom East
PANEL: Anabella Poland & her staff

How does a Marconi-nominated radio station “tick?”  What makes it special?  Today, get advice from the students & staff at Montclair State University’s award winning radio station.  What is their training program like?  How do they program the radio station?  What special shows do they feature?  How involved can students become?  What can you learn from WMSC that you can steal, err, borrow, and make YOUR radio stations better?   Bring your questions – they have answers. 

Social Media Workshop: Take the IBS Challenge!

New York Ballroom West
PANEL: Erica Moura & Paula Neidlinger, IBS Board Members

So you think you know how to post on social media platforms to get the most traction?  Let our two “experts” put you to the test in a fun way!  Learn some DO’S and DON’TS about your own social media game.


Screenwriting 101: Learn to Write Your Script Today

Panel: Veteran writer-producer Rick Dunkle ("Criminal Minds"/"Deputy")

Learn the basics on writing for the screen — finding a great premise; developing stand-out characters; the fundamentals of scene structure, and how to execute your script in a timely — and coherent — fashion. Recently appointed Assistant Professor of Practice in Communication and General Manager of UIndyTV at the University of Indianapolis, Rick breaks down everything you need to know to get that great idea out of your head and onto the page.


Building Relationships With Your Local Music Community & Scene

PANEL: Norm Prusslin, Faculty Adviser, WUSB, Stony Brook, N.Y and Co-Founder, Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame; Jim Faith, Promoter, Talent Booker, Producer of the Great South Bay Music Festival, Patchogue, N.Y.; Gail Prusslin, V.P. Board of Trustees and Head of Promotions, Outpost in The Burbs, Montclair, N.J. (Live Music Venues)

College and school radio stations have always been at the forefront of connecting the international, national and local music community with on and off campus listeners and audiences. This panel will discuss ways to better build relationships with local music venues, music publications, recording and touring artists and their labels and agents...and more!


Session 4 - 2:15pm 

Voicetracking: Is the Future of Radio Pre-Recorded

Metropolitan EAST

How many of you are doing your shows LIVE vs PRE-RECORDED?  Do you know the difference between pre-recording a show, and VOICE-TRACKING it?  Sky Walker is LIVE on the air at K104 in Poughkeepsie, NY, but has a “second job” voice-tracking into 7 other markets – which is unfortunately how some radio stations save money.  So if you are going to succeed at it, what do you need to know? 

Station Swag & Merchandise – What’s Good?  What’s New? - Sponsored by Custom Ink

Lenox Ballroom
PANEL: Jonathan Strongsmith, Custom Ink Key Account Manager; Richard Robinson, WUTM (The University of Tennessee at Martin); Negar Afshar, Associate Director of Student Engagement, The WIKD 102.5 FM

You want to get your logo out there – but what is more important, quality OR quantity?  Bring some of your own station swag to share with other participants – and if you have copies of invoices/cost to share from companies that worked well for you, please bring them!  Let’s help each other get the best products at the best prices.  Shirts, pens, buttons, phone wallets, keychains, stress balls – and more.  If it fits in your suitcase, bring it to this session to share!

Branding and Programming Your Radio Station

New York Ballroom West
Panel: SDot, Sirius XM Fly; Randy Turner, WBPM Fishkill NY; Joseph Tarantowki, Chief Operator & Faculty Advisor, WBWC, Baldwin Wallace University

Why is branding now a part of the PD’s job – and what does that mean?  How do you “protect” and “strengthen” your brand so your listeners can recognize it – and love it – faster?  What tricks can you do on – and off – the air to grow your “brand?”

Hitting Your Career Goals: Resumes, Air Checks, and What Else You Need To Succeed

New York Ballroom East
PANEL: Rob Taylor, William Patterson University (and formerly with iHeartMedia); Ed Robinson, Felician University (formerly SiriusXM)

Everyone needs a resume, and if your goal is to be on-air, you need a demo tape as well.  But how should it look?  What should (and shouldn’t) you include on it?  And how long should a demo tape be?  What other suggestions can you take away from this packed session – only time will tell.  And its hard to picture now, but you should have some career goals.  Our panel will help you create them and guide you to hitting them as well.

Remote Broadcasting Tips & Tricks - Sponsored by QGoLive

Panel: WBWC 88.3 FM The Sting Staff

Are you looking to add a bit of variety to your air? Whether it be hosting a show from a different location, sporting events or live shots from a music festival, remote broadcasts are an excellent way to grab your listener's attention. As a station, we have made it our mission to become pros at remote broadcasting and are here to share some tips and tricks we have learned along the way as well as open up a discussion to hear about successes you may have had.


Session 5 - 3:15pm 


An Audience With the On-Air Staff of Z100 New York

Metropolitan EAST

Panel: Maxwell, Z100 Afternoons; Josh Martinez, Z100 Nights

We are happy to welcome back to the IBS stage, host of "Maxwell & Crystal" in the afternoons on the flame-throwing Z100, Maxwell - and the host of the night show, Josh Martinez!  Together, they will tell us about their careers - what it's like to work with a co-host vs. a solo show, personality vs. music ratio thoughts in different day parts, how they do their show prep, and we promise they are both ready to answer your burning questions, too.

International Member Spotlight: UST Tiger Media Network

Lenox Ballroom
Panel: Faye Abugan & Staff

How do things work when you aren’t in the US?  If you are curious, this is the session for you.  Today, get advice from the students & staff at the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines’ radio station.  What is their training program like?  How do they program the radio station?  What special shows do they feature?  How involved can students become?  What can you learn from them that you can steal, err, borrow, and make YOUR radio stations better?   Bring your questions – they have answers.

Underwriting and Fundraising Tips & Tricks

New York Ballroom East
PANEL: Richard Robinson, WUTM University of Tennessee; Bobbi Washcheck & Mazzy Martinez, KJHK University of Kansas; Chris Thomas, IBS President, WLTL

Time to make the donuts, err, money!  How have some stations been successful at getting listeners to pony up the big bucks in fundraising drives?  What are some keys to finding the right sponsors to be underwriters?  Bring your Google Sheets and crunch some numbers with us (just kidding, no math skills required to join this session!)

Imaging Your Radio Station – Liners, Sweepers, Promos and more

New York Ballroom West
PANEL: Randy Turner, Creative Services Director, Pamal; Matt Damrow, Senior Manager, Sports Production, SiriusXM; SDot, SiriuxXM Fly

ZAP!  POW!  BOOM!  The experts are ready to share their secrets to making their radio imaging elements POP – or SIZZLE – or FIZZ if the mood/format calls for it.  Learn about WRITING as well as PRODUCING these elements to match your brand.


College Radio: Where To Find Your VOICE!

Panel: Sara Hendrix, Former Professional-In-Residence, WRHU Hofstra University; Daniel Gall, Communications Specialist, Undergrad Student

In this session, we will look at how important it is to use your time in college to cultivate your personal brand and identify ways of connecting with industry leaders while you are still in college.  Also, how to build lifelong skills that will help you to make money before you leave college.  Session dedicated to the memory of Bruce Avery, recently retired General Manager of WRHU. 1953-2013.

College Radio Origins and Historical Discussion

PANEL: Norm Prusslin, WUSB; John Murphy, former IBS President/IBS Board Chair and college/non-commercial radio veteran; John Vernile, former IBS President and college/non-commercial radio veteran

“The Long Road to Now.” College radio had its start over a hundred years ago at the dawn of the radio age. Despite its long history and underappreciated status, it has had a major influence on radio, music, and culture. This session explores some that history and impact. This session hopes to expose that spirit of service and innovation and how it can relate to your current work and station’s efforts today.



Session 6 - 4:15pm 

Television Journalism Careers

Lenox Ballroom
PANEL: Michael DelGiudice, WNBC Photojournalist/Editor; Wendy Gillette, Anchor/Producer, CBS Newspath & CBS News Radio; Ozzie Alfonso, retired from Sesame Workshop

We do a lot of radio talk at IBS – but this panel is specifically for those looking to break into television careers.  Learn about that side of the media industry, including jobs available - and gets some tips to help you at the College level if you are already doing some work on the TV side!

Marconi Spotlight: WRRC 107.7 The Bronc, Rider University

New York Ballroom East
PANEL: John Mozes & his staff, WRRC

How does a Marconi-nominated radio station “tick?”  What makes it special?  Today, get advice from the students & staff at Rider University’s award winning radio station.  What is their training program like?  How do they program the radio station?  What special shows do they feature?  How involved can students become?  What can you learn from WRRC that you can steal, err, borrow, and make YOUR radio stations better?   Bring your questions – they have answers.

Getting Started with Web and App Development

New York Ballroom West
PANEL: Kajal Lang & Dylan Elliott KCWU-FM 88.1 The 'Burg

Every station needs a digital presence - Do you have a website?  Do you have an app? Not sure where to begin? Listen to one student-run station that found success in this area and how you can too. In this session we will cover the basics of web and app development, tools to get started, and why every station should have one.

Trust In The Media – The Radio Television Digital News Association

PANEL: Tim Scheld, former WCBS 880 News Director, and current Chair of the RTDNA (Radio Television Digital News Association) and Dan Shelley, President of RTDNA

Every journalist knows how important trust is to their brand and reporting. Hear what professional news leaders are doing to build, maintain and protect trust in their newsrooms. An essential session for every young journalist.  Learn how news operations large and small are battling the crisis of confidence and fake news. Come ready to engage in what will be an interactive conversation. 

The Present - and Future - in College Radio

PANEL: Norm Prusslin, WUSB; John Murphy, former IBS President/IBS Board Chair and college/non-commercial radio veteran; John Vernile, former IBS President and college/non-commercial radio veteran

“The Future is Now” College radio is at a crossroads. As younger people abandon terrestrial broadcast for on demand podcasts and streaming services, is there a role for college radio today? This session will explore some of the major challenges that face us and explore some real potentials to increase the relevance and appeal of college radio to our local communities. Bring your questions, solutions and ideas for reinvention and strengthening our beloved medium.

Session 7 - 5:15pm 

2022-2023 IBS College Media Awards

Metropolitan EAST

Join us as we hand out the trophies and honors for the 2022-2023 IBS College Media Awards!

High School TV & Radio - Brainstorm & Idea Exchange

Lenox Ballroom
Panel: To Be Announced

Join other High School students and advisors from around the country to discuss the things that matter to your programs in this informal, information and idea filled session!

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