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So Many Possibilites

I love summer. I love the time off to recharge. I love hitting the beach. And I really love sleeping in. But to be honest, I also LOVE going back to school.

Sure we all dread giving up our lazy summer days filled with vacations and friends, but getting back into the routine of things is always good too, especially at our radio and TV stations.

But I think what I love the most about coming back to school and our stations are the possibilities.

This is going to sound cliche to say, but they are endless. They truly are. That's because every Fall when both returning and new students come through the doors and down the hallways they bring with them new ideas. New concepts. New shows. New designs. New everything.

These days in college and high school media are truly your days to shine. To experiment. To try new things. And all of us at the Intercollegiate Broadcasting

System can't wait to see and hear what you create.

So what are your big plans? Share them with us here in the comments, send your stories and pictures to or tell us about them on social media - we are @ibsstudentmedia on both Instagram and X (formerly Twitter).

- Chris Thomas / President / Intercollegiate Broadcasting System

P.S. - They let me pick my own background for my school photo this year! Hello 1980s!

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1 commentaire

17 sept. 2023

When will the 23-24 submissions be available for upload? We're ready to submit but can't find a way to do it!


J.R. Ankney,

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